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This Is The Modern World

In the 1901 census – William James Gardiner aged 11, John H. aged 8, with their parents John James (41) and Ellen Elizabeth (36).

John and Ellen Gardiner in 1901 lived at 3 Alvington Street, Plymouth. John, a gas stoker (40), Ellen (36), kids Lizzie (13), Fred (7), Edwin (5), Earnest (3).

The Grandchildren continued

“Aunt Suze” – date unknown
1902 – Gladys Mary ann
1903 - Gwendolyn Winifred
1905 – Irene Gertrude & Edith
1907 – Wilfred James Henry.

By now the early grandchildren were getting married and having kids of their own!

However, now we’re going to concentrate on just two of the lines coming down from James and Mary Ann.

First, John James, and Ellen Elizabeth.
They had 10 kids.
Not all lived – John M. died in 1897, aged 4years 9months; Frederick William died in 1889 aged 4 ½ months, Irene Gertrude died in 1905 aged 3months.
The author’s great grandfather became a docker, and at some point a marine (in WW1?). He married a girl from London.
Fred became a boxer.
Mumford, Clive Tregarthen. Fighters of the Old Como, A history of Plymouth Boxing 1907-24, Plymouth, Copycraft (printer) (1975) 200 pp. [11 pages of names in the index and references] [ Lookups]

Edwin was involved with setting up the firm of Yeldon and Gardiner.

The Great War 1914 to 1918 – William James was 24 at the start of the war. His involvement is not known – needs research

James and Elizabeth had four children: Ronald Samuel in 1919, Joyce in 1921, Joane in 1927, Constance (Connie) Jessie in 1923.

Ronald met Betty A.Sleep, the youngest from family of – and whose grandfather was from Cornwall.
War came again in 1939. Ronald wasn’t called up for health reasons but did do war work – what?

pre-war Plymouth city centre

Joyce met Cyril Mannel.

Constance became pregnant during the war – the father’s surname was Walker.

A tragedy in 1944 – air raid shelter – bomb – three generations of women died including the youngest Constance and her unborn baby.

Ronald and Betty’s first child came during the war – Ronald Edward in 1941 (my dad). Betty was evacuated to Somerset to have him.

Two more children, both girls.

Ronald became an apprentice Electrician, like his dad.

Feel free to add to this

The 50s – money in pockets of the young. Elvis

Cars, girlfriends, drink and violence. Teddy boys.

Janet Blight in 1964 (?)
Wedding in 1965 (?)
First son in 1966
First daughter in 1968.

We end for now.

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  1. Edwin gardiner was my great grand father! Thanks for the fascinating read of our family history. I guess we are somehow related?