Thursday, 15 October 2009

Deepest Cornwall.

The Sleeps married into the family about 70 years Grandmother - Betty - was born a Sleep.

Richard born in 1701, Agnes in 1707.

Their only recorded child was George born in 1735.
George’s wife was born in 1740.
Their kids were born – Elizabeth 1758, Anne 1773, and George in 1777.

George met Margaret Inch born in 1780 and had a son called Richard, born in 1802.

Richard married Elizabeth Forden, born in 1806. They had loads of kids. Elizabeth in 1831, Mary in 1834, Richard in 1837, William in 1840, Ellilinda in 1842, but Elizabeth died in 1850.

Richard married again, this time to Mary Harris. No kids this time, but then Mary must have been 53, and Richard was 48.

Richard met Emma Andrews, and kids – Florence in 1872, Thomas in 1877, Emma in 1879.

Thomas married Maud Basset. Ralph was born in c.1910, Cyril c.1910, Tom c.1912, Richard, c.1915, Robert c.1916, Edward c. 1920., and Betty in 1921.

Betty married Ronald Edward Gardiner.

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